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[evil] don't underestimate the power of micro-blog to play his r

Established in a reclined thing like ,micro special undoubtedly provides professionals also increase the interest from in the morning 9 surface at first ,whenever Mei Suna restricted 140 words round box rack one day idea correct expression, in a specially recorded in everything will become &quot &quot ;work ;this together ,note .
These messages can let professionals describe yourself immediately be concise and to the point day in ,either complain that killed thousands of customers is to borrow knife Di apple a jolt of gossip ,as happy net battle zombies become fashionable for a time ,we also found an interesting way to kill time.
But before two is not the same is, micropro can always take new risks about cone information ,and some appear to be so exciting. Life and things because micropro has become linked to pine dilute ,colleagues from the earliest mutual make yo MSN space to see the entire star people the world.
But as micropro Qi citizen of you are very heavy ,is about a person face a few where do. It with deep relationship to tell colleagues as is a good channels ,at least everyone except routine weather warfare holidays can find many topics.
But it didn have to hide from days to become a company man Another plan interpersonal place .In view of cooperation among reduced attention ,to complain of solemn cloth collecting ,then a sentence did not properly fat was an analysis of reading in 1 when the boss is also involved in micro designed to ,therefore, professionals in a micropro Ying Yu under both play the boss or colleagues in the role ,and played the role of students or associates of the character have great difficulty ,maintain the personal image also became a need to do.
On the other hand ,as a lifting and lowering team dispel force of micro channels ,only just a useful channels .Professionals do not need to spend too much in time ,promote each other exchange is the maximum results .
&quot ;&quot micropro was terrible ,you can think yourself ;recording is life trivia ,and not enough to change anything when we like ,Louboutin Pas Cher,but it is what kind of cohorts ,weekend or blocking what exposure in the popular thought ,coach,maybe one day your life will humble Mi trajectory for the information changed.
Once to calculate the Ma Chao out against any person show jumping ship to calculate ,if things change no ,in now in the company made scale effect without a good game .In order to obtain more information and position ,he Only history of millet micropro closed note some Lietu explosion and in some search statement about the death of the advisory message .
After a while ,it ,and he thought that now the borrowing is not wrong, but also can cut off the idea .But one day the same thing suddenly run to ask him: &quot ;listen you want to change things ?&quot ;therefore ,the best way to millet micropro history plays a role.
The best practice is to have two Ying Yu ,which is a more professional day to maintain your occupation image. Moreover ,just avoid some family life is disclosed .Unknown to the public who can micropro became the company star ,and to plan the image of the person also can be in micropro big do wo chapter imitation .
How to apply specifically to improve their own micro personal image ?Can generally through a person followers to judge his society hierarchy and social role position ,from his friend circle will see what person ,this plan has very beneficial information .
In this ,through a special to write some feelings about comments very heavy easy to see one horizontal ,so the cloth collecting before oneself can weigh . Because ,micro will be Total collapse of people around colleagues insights into mm original to just thought A colleagues was not wrong, but was taken well lonesome advertising amateur female models 1 B colleagues has not had ,fans had on the four digit ,never know that always concentrate in Excel people actually speak so interesting.
Micro special interest lies in my home to see just a colleague A, now can see him ( or her ) B .Then ,micro designed by what use is ?Someone in a college by many peers, close attention to their speech to know industry trends war competition on foot in ,just to see the information is very complicated ,but really it will have some of their own works.
We all know ,an interactive good team is a good team ,in addition to the eye tear micropro Mei a crowd quickly familiar to colleagues ,in micro designed for the bottom of Shandong talent network subject or eliminate the misunderstanding ,which is beneficial to the harmonious team .
For example at the start we borrow each other in this plumage ,but such modest stops micropro .Micro post-secondary pet chimney made various jokes collection ,coach bags outlet,and then gradually warmed up ,the project is also a more some chat topic since Ma Chao a colleague .
Receive a call for games when C information ,to round the team response .To often appear in the evening is ,reduce the class finished, office is split up to tour, someone is playing while in college .
So on the micro cloth look ,coach outlet,professionals to examine oneself in the network the role, reduce the number of Jean material in ,Louboutin,to judge these information to who there is no is appropriate ,in judgment to select the cloth collecting micropro ,the micropro hard.
In relation to the cloth collecting the company when C information ,professionals should be preferred in a two @ not to tell the business financial machine dilute ,second no cloth collecting some unconfirmed as really C information .
In your view is the gossip ,don jean material angle No gossip but the main information in society are really the rules in network also should abide by . don &quot ;micro-blog
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The mood of scenery

The weather slowly heat up,Hermes Birkin Bags, getting up in the morning, the warm sun had a wisp through the window, on the ground, some dirty floor suddenly seem bright, pattern is obviously with the beautiful scene. Don't have to wear thick clothes, can also do not have to worry about, look out of the window the bright sun, feel natural is good.
Sometimes really very strange,coach outlet, though the more spiritual than nature, can know nature,Hermes Outlet, and even has the ability to change the nature, but nature is to rely on,coach bags outlet, thinking of it, state of mind is complex to a word said.
People's material world for people to transform nature people's spiritual world,Louboutin, not trusting nature. Shaking still a bit tired body, in big strides to the cross, and on the GA however to the bus, and the tsunami and to the line very disease quickly,Hermes Kelly Bags, turbid air is unbearable,coach, only looked out of the window.
The window, stands a beautiful building, some are going up; be riotous with colour decorative, colorful billboards; the way in every kind of trendy fashion girl,Hermes Bags Outlet, and the breath of spring in the grass and trees that pass by the canal.
Time, specially looks, and one by one the ship was lined in through the aperture. On either side of the river is running a woman who has many progenies,Hermes Handbags,Louboutin Pas Cher, the building is very beautiful, there was a classical breath, yet strong character.
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2010.12---2011.4 micro-blog set a

In December 31, 2010 12:03 teacher invited, which can not come. (the teacher is Lei Lei, says Mr. ray) January 2nd 15:27 &quot " husband; this word is really disgusting,Louboutin, but on my own,Hermes Bags Outlet, I blocked it.
In Ming Dynasty,Hermes Outlet, prostitutes between fight each other, curse of the party, the most serious is call you tonight with my husband, because her husband was on his name, especially in the brothel. And a miss, be eunuchs get really is a very difficult thing.
January 9th 11:53 "teahouse" I was crying at the end, Lao She's written's nice." you may not come back,coach bags outlet, don't I wait.&quot January 9th 12:32 My dearest; Y: one day a year,Hermes Kelly Bags, you floated away. I walk, watch,Hermes Handbags, find your shadow, or karma, sea ups and downs, the beginning.
If I never used, if you still have an attachment, you must promise me... - read "the shadow the notebook" 13:29 in January 9th must feel we will have nothing, at least you can say,Louboutin Pas Cher, I understand, living most lonely.
We shall all must be found before, you do so you can say, yes, I have seen my dream. You are lucky, you loseTo all of my life. Time to die, the circle is not round. "Read in light rain is approaching" January 10th 21:26 this old city, the hardships, is not easy to read.
"Teahouse" light,coach outlet, January 10th 21:26 I was dreaming, always want to use film flowing out of this mood. You slow step involved, until the heart is submerged - read the shadow "always" January 16th 22:05 how much to pay out, leaving only the commitment to partner with a joyful, cannot be misunderstood.
In January 19th 11:12 a lonely without knowledge. In January 19th 19:08 " ballad on the road on January 21st 10:32." we lose never come back, we can do, only to let the past be the past. "Lengshan" read in light of January 22nd 08:48 anyway not quit, smoke less, smoke less.
In January 22nd January 22nd 15:46 15:20 engraved gel and seen a Su Zizi in the high three of us are walking together program, think she is good-looking, cool, good mind in January 23rd January 25th 20:17 22:14 moment mindfulness! I love death purple violet, a large two girls to such awareness and silence, bravery and initiative, it taught me ashamed.
This body in the winter cold water fish tank, overflow and.---10-12-22"Tiger" on January 28th 09:48 forget yourself is what. January 31st 08:19 "she lonely than fireworks." January 31st 10:58 you are my, careful maintenance of dream, my tired enjoying, who also cannot replace you.
January 31st 17:56 mom,Hermes Birkin Bags, come, we talk. In February 2nd 22:25 Buddha. Tea, smoking, Nagai Guangsha, listening to people laugh. February 8th 19:36 - want what gift? --- a slender white neck. ---? - you get hair loose neckline to stand still,coach, I want to kiss five minutes.
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The Intriguing PS allows you to instantly see their age !

[ Reproduced the ] ,Hermes Outlet
Special recommendation : failure load residual lotus America
my latest article :
2008-02-11 | br> 2008-02-09 | the place of the Chinese people must have a Chinese New Year ,Hermes Handbags!
2008-02-08 | Tsai Ming -05 | Court child to give you an old friend new friends Happy New Year ! !
2008-02-04 | love Gallery: let love melt cold
2008-02-03 | DIY: mini home studio, the picture almost equal professional level !
2008-02-01 | the hearts there is a green bathing spring day
2008-01-30 | mysterious female photographer and her beautiful scenery !
2008-01-29 | my photography : diffuse Yaoqi flower ,Hermes Bags Outlet!
2008-01-28 | refreshing balance of art ,Hermes Kelly Bags!
2008-01-27 | movies as evidence : Korean refused Made in China ! (Photo )
2008-01-25 | revolutionized the firearms concept (Figure )
2008-01-23 | photography : water,Hermes Birkin Bags, landscape water stroll !
2008-01-22 | beautiful landscape photography / lost forest (Figure )
2008-01-21 | flowers / retain lily ( Figure )
2008-01-19 | highlights of the world's most violent cold front (Figure )
2008 - 01-18 | Beijing : Shijingshan Block Shijingshan (Figure )
2008-01-16 | drunk ugly : all alcohol to blame (Figure )
2008-01-13 | China 100 years ago celebrity mansion
2008-01-08 | Concession , Western-style : shame or glory ?
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First eat crab state-owned enterprises in Gansu

Gansu : the first people to eat, I learned that the company's chairman and general manager Zhang Jianyou entrepreneurial legend .
was born in Zhejiang Zhangjian You ,Hermes Outlet, the 1985 high school graduation , began his entrepreneurial path . he first learn sewing techniques , and then carrying one sewing machine , to bring two of each disciple , and came to the northwest . first stop in the County of Ningxia . great contrast of natural conditions ,hermes,Hermes Bags Outlet, the language communication barrier ,Hermes Birkin Bags, so that he suffered terribly , was not only secretly playing a refund percussions , and even also secretly tears
from his street stall to do odd jobs start by honest and industrious , a firm foothold , and with the first savings In 1986 ,hermes sac, he fought in Lanzhou ,sacs hermes, make their own trade . Wenzhou sales of small household electrical appliances to the northwest ,sac hermes birkin,Hermes Handbags, and soon he entered the bright machinery and equipment supply company , Lanzhou City,Hermes Kelly Bags,sac hermes, this year, the company record sales of more than 500 million later was promoted to general manager of the company , to company to bring an annual sales of more than ten million yuan , the best year for sales income rushed the billion
1998 , under the support of relevant government departments , he took more than 2000 million funds merged Tianshui Great Wall of low-voltage electrical plant , Gansu Province mergers and medium-sized state-owned enterprises , private enterprises .
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